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Amazon Auto Body Services

Auto Body and Collision Repair

Amazon Auto Body utilizes a state of the art spray booth, computer controlled Blowtherm down draft. PPG and HOUSE of COLOR insures that we can provide the most identical quality match or overall finish.

Insurance Repairs

If you are working with your insurance company to have repairs made; no problem. Let Amazon Auto Body take care of the paperwork, meet with your adjuster, and make sure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards possible. We also offer deductible discounts in most cases. Call us today to see how we can help.

Custom Paint and Body work

Whether you have a motorcycle, truck, car, or some project that needs some custom attention, we can handle it. We have been in the custom painting and body work business for many years, paying close attention to detail and quality. Adding flames, graphics, or just some pin-striping to your vehicle, we can do it all and it’s all done in house. Your vehicle never leaves our facility.

Need those door handles shaved? We can handle it. Adding a roll pan and do not want that body line there? We can get it done for you! Adding customs bumpers to your car? We can handle it and walk you through every process. We own an exhaustive library of custom colors from motorcycle manufacturers: Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and BMW just to name a few.

Fiberglass and Exotic Metal Repair

If you have a fiberglass project or need repairs on fiber glass, anything from a boat to a motor home repair, we can handle it. Plastic repairs are done using the latest in technology.

Exotic metals repairs such as aluminum, stainless steel repairs, we can handle it too! We have the equipment and technicians to repair the smallest crack to the most glaring hole.

Windshield and Automotive Glass Repair

If you need your windshield repaired, or replaced, let Amazon Auto Body’s trained technicians handle it for you. In most cases, we can have it fixed in just a couple of hours. We work with all insurance companies on glass replacement and/or repairs, and we can handle all the paper work for you.


Depending on the position of a scratch, only the scratched area itself is repaired-and not the entire panel. The scratch is sanded, then we may apply a filler and a primer to re-instate the damaged surface to its true level. With the aid of computer technology, a near perfect match to the factory finish is achieved each time.


For those small shopping trolley-type dents or hail, where the paint has not been damaged, we are able to rectify these using specialist techniques. By accessing the back of the dented panel and using the right tools to apply pressure, the dent can be massaged back to its original form. Panel replacement or re-painting is no longer a necessity.

Panel Beating

Our workshop has modern equipment that can align and measure your car’s chassis. Our system provides a very accurate platform to repair your damaged vehicle. From this point, the replacement, repair, or panel beating of the finished panel becomes easy. Our panel beaters have vast experience on all brands of cars: evens vans and trucks. Most importantly, we are fully licensed for panel beating.

Car Resprays Advanced System

Our car spray paint shop is equipped with the latest German technology. We have bake ovens that keep drying temperatures at an optimum level and will also keep dust and other airborne particles from damaging the wet paint. Amazon’s car spray painting services include the important preparation of the panels-which these days can be quite involved, as plastics are extensively used on a modern cars makeup. These plastic components require special attention to the undercoat preparation in order to insure a proper binding and long lasting appearance and finish.

Detailing and Aftercare

Pressure clean motor, door jams, wheels, wheel arches, petrol cap, around boot jam/hatch, clean spare tire and boot, cut and polish vehicle using professional rubbing compounds and not cutting compounds, then we de-swirl the vehicle, followed by a top coat applied by hand to seal in the shine. All vinyl sections / leather are cleaned.

The vehicle is then air blasted to remove dust and grime from air vents. Tracks of seats and hard-to-get places are vacuumed as is the interior and boot; we clean the headlining and then proceed to steam clean your seats, carpets, mats, door trims, and etc to remove grime. Your vehicle is then deodorized, windows are cleaned inside and out, the tires are dressed to complete the service.

Paint protection is a scientifically advanced process that provides a permanent treatment: exceptional protection against environmental hazards.

A new car will probably be the biggest investment you will ever make. An automated car-wash will not wash your car properly. Only careful detailing, by hand, with hot pressure washers and polishing properly removes this threat.

Auto Paint and Body Damage

  • Fading Color
  • Salt Damage
  • Rock paint chips
  • Envirnmental damage
  • Loss of paint gloss
  • Auto paint cracking
  • Clear coat paint delamination
  • Old & porous auto paint
  • Auto body surface rust
  • Rust through