Detailing and Aftercare

Pressure clean motor, door jams, wheels, wheel arches, petrol cap, around boot jam/hatch, clean spare tire and boot, cut and polish vehicle using professional rubbing compounds and not cutting compounds, then we de-swirl the vehicle, followed by a top coat applied by hand to seal in the shine. All vinyl sections / leather are cleaned.

The vehicle is then air blasted to remove dust and grime from air vents. Tracks of seats and hard-to-get places are vacuumed as is the interior and boot; we clean the headlining and then proceed to steam clean your seats, carpets, mats, door trims, and etc to remove grime. Your vehicle is then deodorized, windows are cleaned inside and out, the tires are dressed to complete the service.

Paint protection is a scientifically advanced process that provides a permanent treatment: exceptional protection against environmental hazards. A new car will probably be the biggest investment you will ever make. An automated car-wash will not wash your car properly. Only careful detailing, by hand, with hot pressure washers and polishing properly removes this threat.

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